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Gand Mool Shanti

Gand Mool Shanti

As per the theories of Moon Sign Astrology (Indian Astrology), the life of men is governed by 27 Nakshtras, out of which six Nakshatras viz. Ashwaini, Magha, Jayestha, Mool & Rewati Nakshtra are collectively called the Mool Nakshtras. The Astrological point of view states that any one born in these nakshatras may face serious consequences themselves or may be their families also have to suffer. Astrological Gurus opine that the child who has born in one of these nakshtras should not be visited by their father for 27 days. After 27 days, he must do the Jaap of the nakshtra so that the nakshtra get pleased and give him relief from any kind of mishap. The father should bath offering the Vaidik Mantras in presence of Brahamahans after the Jaap.

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